My name is Marc Davis and I am a grad student at MIT currently researching quantum computing. In my spare time, I develop iPhone apps.

I graduated with a degree in Physics and Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2020. Now I am a Computer Science PhD Student at MIT. My primary research interest is software and algorithms for quantum computing. I developed a search-based synthesis algorithm, Qsearch, which I presented at IWQC 2019 and IEEE Quantum Week 2020. The code implementation of my algorithm is called Qsearch and is available open-source on GitHub.

As a hobby, I develop iPhone apps. I currently have 3 apps on the App Store, although I have published a total of 9 since I started. One of my apps, Gravity!, an educational physics simulator, has over 30,000 downloads. My other apps include a game and a walking tour. I also enjoy backpacking, playing videogames, swimming, and water polo.

If you want to contact me, send an email to [email protected]