My name is Marc Davis and I am a grad student at MIT currently researching quantum computing. In my spare time, I develop iPhone apps.

I graduated with a degree in Physics and Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2020. Now I am a Computer Science PhD Student at MIT, with a primary research interest in software and algorithms for quantum computing. I developed a search-based synthesis algorithm, which is described in the paper Towards Optimal Topology Aware Quantum Circuit Synthesis, which I presented at IWQC 2019 and APS March Meeting 2020, and won Best Paper Award at IEEE Quantum Week 2020. The Python implementation of my algorithm is called Qsearch and is available open-source on GitHub. I am currently continuing to research novel methods and applications of quantum gate synthesis.

As a hobby, I develop iPhone apps. I currently have 3 apps on the App Store, although I have published a total of 9 since I started. One of my apps, Gravity!, an educational physics simulator, has over 40,000 downloads. My other apps include an arcade-style game and a walking tour. I also enjoy backpacking, playing videogames, swimming, and water polo.

If you want to contact me, send an email to [email protected]